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Life Cycle Assessment, ISO 14040 ff, is an analysis based on the life cycle and the quantity of the resources used for a single process. The analysis will be made on all processing transformation, at the beginning with the material extraction, to the material elaboration, to the manufactor creation and at the end the recycling.

Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) and Assessment(LCA), are essential, worldwide, to front-running businesses and public authorities. In their drive towards sustainable consumption and production, the life cycle perspective helps decision makers in business and government to take into account all the resources consumed and environmental impacts associated with the supply, use, and end-of-life of goods and services (products). This provides a fair basis for product comparisons, to effectively identify options for improvements, and to monitor progress in environmental performance.

Carbon Footprint. Climate change impacts are a major concern associated with sustainable consumption and production. Life cycle assessment provides the existing and internationally agreed basis for calculating carbon footprints of goods and services in a robust way.

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