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EUTEC is able to design, erect and start a Composting Plant duly completed with organic fertilizers production, pelletizing plant and packaging. EUTEC is able to assist and to train the personnel for plant running.

The plant desing by EUTEC consultation, add particurarly attention to produce a safety and hygene free product. The plant areset out odor free and environmental friendly.

Thanks to the efficiency and the flexibility of its technology, EUTEC, is able to insure the production of an excellent quality final product, with a low respiration index( highly stabilized) presenting high organic nitrogen contents combined with extremely low investment and running costs.

Composting is the biological decomposition and stabilization of organic substrate, under conditions that allow development of Thermophilic  temperature ad a result of biologically heat production , to produce a final product that results stable, free of pathogen and plant sees, and can be beneficially applied to land. A key of element of this definition is the production of a usable, stable, mature end product that can be called compost.

Plant with bio filter External Bio filter Bioreactor with dynamic aerated trenches
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Text reference: “The science of composting – M. De Bertoldi, P. Sequi, B. Lemmes, T.Papi.1993”

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